Friday, September 16, 2005

What Primate are You?

I took the quiz. My results:

"A massive brute, you prefer your mates brought to
you, have simple tastes and like a good scrap
with giant reptiles. You don't get on well
with technology so stay well out of the way of

I knew all that, of course, except for the part about not getting on well with technology. I'm doing just fine with HTML code, thank you. By the way, the simian depicted on poster does not look like a gorilla to me. He looks like a human being in an ape-suit. I have read that the new Kong is CGI. It's a pity. Had Peter Jackson tried a little harder, looked a little further, he might have asked a real gorilla to play the part. That real gorilla might have even consented to come out of retirement to act again for the big screen. (Of course, I'd make sure there was a fitting role for my friend Little Box, and I'd want Ms. Smoochypants to play the girl who screams when I carry her up the Empire State Building.)

Now, you take the quiz. Go ahead, here's the link. Let me know how it all turns out.

What Primate Are You?
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LB said...

Brad, my results were freaky accurate.

You love wide open spaces to journey across and meet new people. You are a cheeky chappy who uses your wit and intelligence to ge out of tight spots. Your cheekiness includes thinking very highly of yourself.

That last part is so right on it scares me. You and me in a movie? That thing would make more money than Titanic. We would definetly have to film abroad. Remember, I'm blackballed from Hollywood. White trash hussy had her baby. I refuse to acknowledge it on my site. Have a great weekend!

Brad the Gorilla said...

But Little Box, I thought you liked children. I can just see a line of stacking boxes behind you. Which reminds me-- do you get to carry things inside you, LB? I think it would be great to have that ability. I've always admired kangaroos for that very reason.

HitManJ said...

I am Monkey. But my sideburns are NOT that gay.


Brad the Gorilla said...

I am going to assume that by "gay" you mean "merry," ergo you are not as merry as Monkey in the photo. Any other connotation of the word "gay" used in a negative context is banned from Brad the Gorilla. I'm not being politically correct, I'm simply telling everyone how it is.

fluffydoodle said...

oh brad, i am honored!