Monday, September 05, 2005

Bath, interrupted (and other photos)

Bath, Interrupted
I snapped this photo when I was attempting to use the upstairs toilet. I had no idea that the bathroom was occupied. Honest. Still, the cat was not amused.

The Landlord's Daughter
Although I am not usually impressed with human beings as photographic subject matter, I am often overcome by the urge to take lots and lots of photos of my landlord's daughter. If I absolutely had to choose "most beautiful human being in existence," my landlord's daughter would be right up there.

Alki Beach
This photo is my artistic vision of the twigs you might find in the sand. It does not represent the anguish of my soul. It represents the anguish of your soul. Then again, I was a bit put out when my landlady refused to lend me money to purchase a chocolate-banana flan at the Alki Bakery. I could just weep when I think of the missed opportunity.

All pictures copyrighted by Brad the Gorilla. Give credit where credit is due, or I'll throw a fit!


LB said...

High Brad? Yeah, me neither. Your work is exceptional. The milieu of magnetic drawing is tough! I also have to say that is one brave kitty staying in the bathroom with a gorilla and having the balls to actually look pissed. I'm holding another blog flash Friday I could really use the support of one very talented primate. Have a great day!

Melangell said...

Love the photo work! I would say, really develop this angle.
As to the banana flan - sounds delicious, but you had better make sure those bananas are ORGANIC! Yikes! Stewing the peels?