Saturday, September 24, 2005

Brad's Family Tree (of sorts)

Hitman J,

Here is your family tree. Rather, it is my family tree, but you asked for it, so you get to have it. Actually, it's a family and friend list. (You're not going to quibble about that detail, are you?) Trees are for monkeys, with all due (brand new) respect for Monkey's Deep Thoughts. I'm setting the post-date earlier, but for those who are sticklers for such things, I wrote this post on Tuesday, December 20, 2005.

Here goes:

Brad the Gorilla: the star of the show, the cream of the crop, in fact, The Top. Birthday: August 14th. Age: undisclosed (gorillas are quite cagey about such matters).

Calliope: Brad’s younger sister (twin of Marisol), lives in Barcelona, Spain
Chadwick: Brad’s younger brother, lives in Virginia Beach, Virgina, United States
Charlotte: Brad’s teenage niece, recently transplanted from Glasgow, Scotland
Fred: Brad’s adopted nephew, rather on the youngish side
Landlady: older sister of Ulric, married to the Landlord
Landlord: brother-in-law of Ulric, married to the Landlady
Lucia, the Landlord’s daughter: also the Landlady’s daughter, but it doesn’t quite roll off the tongue in the same way. Lucia is a toddler.
Marisol: Brad’s younger sister (twin of Calliope), lives in Barcelona, Spain
Mr. Gorilla: Brad’s father, rarely mentioned
Mrs. Gorilla: Brad’s mother, rarely mentioned
Shadrach: Brad’s older brother, lives in McMurdo Station, Ross Island, Antarctica
Ulric: younger brother of Brad’s Landlady

There are too many other relatives and associates to list arbitrarily. I shall add to the list as warranted.

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