Monday, September 26, 2005

Make Way for Chadwick

Here is the infamous statue of my younger brother, Chadwick, proprietor of the Ocean Breeze Waterpark, VA. Fear not, I have my own commemorative statue at the Woodland Park Zoo here in the Pacific Northwest. (Shadrach, my older brother, claims he's due for his own statue down at McMurdo Station, but he probably won't get one until he finds a cure for ozone depletion.)

Photo by John Blough


Anonymous said...

Your memorial is beautiful. Thank you :)

PS: Your more handsome than Chadwick.

Melangell said...

All these brothers! Could you tell us a bit about your mother or father? Sisters, even? Just asking.

Brad the Gorilla said...

Anon, you're welcome. Melangell, the less said about my mother and father, the better. Ditto for my twin sisters, Calliope and Marisol. Busybodies, all!