Friday, September 30, 2005

Portrait of Brad

Here is a portrait of me, sketched by
Ms. Blogapotamus, in honor of my being the 9928th visitor to her blog. I had no idea I was that handsome. Did you?

Blogapotamus also sent me this informative and invigorating article about the wonders and health benefits of the banana. Just be careful eating bananas around mosquitos. Mosquitos think bananas smell wonderful (well, they do), so much that they want to kiss anyone eating bananas. Have you ever been kissed by a mosquito? The sensation is remarkably akin to a mosquito bite.


Anonymous said...

OK, that is way to much Brad cuteness for one twenty four hour period. I'm about to OD.

HitManJ said...

Brad. I found only two pizza stones on Amazon...a 12" and a 15". BOTH had multiple comments from users about cracking. They reccomended "Pampered Chef" or something better.

Where did you get yours? What brand is it?


P.S. I REFUSE to acknowledge the cuteness of a Gorilla. It would certainly hamper my Hitman cred.

Brad the Gorilla said...

Hitman J,
After some searching, I found my pizza box. The brand is "Progressive International," and I found it years ago at an independent cookware store downtown. I'm not finding the brand now while looking online. Williams-Sonoma has a promising looking one for 30 dollars (sans handles), and if you want to bring out the big bucks, the All Clad stone looks mighty fancy.

I am fine with your refusing the acknowledge the "cuteness" of a gorilla. Gorillas are handsome, fierce, wild and rugged. I think Anon is a bit sweet on me, but I don't mind, since she sends me nice presents. Hey Anon, thank you for the package of banana puffs. I like crunchy snacks.

Andrew said...

Girls use common sense, film at eleven.

Nonny said...

I shall send no more banana puffs until you do one nice deed for your eccentric landlady ;)

Brad the Gorilla said...

Stewy Stinker,
There are no "girls" on my blog, so I'm not sure why you're posting this, except that I know you like to look at your barmaids' forearms and swoon with admiration. Ho ho ho.

There are a few women like Smoochypants, Blogapotamus, Anon and Alkelda, but none of them use common sense, as they all think I'm so incredibly charming despite my gruff ways. By the way, I haven't gotten any presents from you in the last while, and I'm wondering if business is not going so well at the Green Dragon Inn. I already sent Lady Hearteater over to check it out, but haven't heard back any reports.

Pistrix! Pistrix!

Just kidding.

Brad the Gorilla said...


I am going to babysit for my eccentric landlady tomorrow so that she can see "Serenity." She's been hopping up and down on one foot ever since it came out, and even attempted to go last night (sold out! I could have told her that.) My landlady fancies herself as being like Zoe, but I think she's more like Kaylee.

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