Thursday, March 22, 2007

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Honk if You Speak Latin

Good morning, faithful readers. I have been quite busy in the past month. After the Latin professor at Mid-Central Community College accidentally slipped and cut himself on a butterknife, the dean called a number of people to substitute for the professor. When those people did not respond, the dean called me. I accepted. I am pleased to say that my students are learning Latin in ways they have never experienced before. The other day, we took a field trip around Seattle in order to bring Latin to the masses. That's right, we became Latin graffiti artists for the day! I'd read in the comments of Yorkshire Pudding's blog that Latin graffiti was a valid form of artistic expression, so I was sure that our efforts would be viewed in a proper historical context (whatever that means). We decided that our key phrase would be "Honk if you speak Latin"... in Latin! Here's what we accomplished before the cops arrived:

Space Needle

Fremont Troll

I was let out of jail this morning. Before I left, I made sure that history would remember me:

Monday morning, I need to go to Mid-Central Community College to see if I still have a job. Wish me luck! Ho ho.