Sunday, September 04, 2005

House and Castle

Good news, everyone. Yesterday I received a letter of acceptance from the Cornish Arts School. My portfolio largely consisted of my magnetic drawings, but I am also going to explore the genre of photography. Here is the self-portrait that convinced the school to accept me as a student and ignore my disciplinary files:

My diptych "A Gorilla's House is his Castle" was also well-received.



And now, I'm off to the beach to photograph tidepools. Ulric is worried I'll get sand in my fur, but no fears there, as I will be wearing my raincoat.


Phil said...

I am astonished that Brad is able to get such detail through such a crude medium. I'm sure he'll go far in the art world.

abcgirl said...

oh brad, you are such the artist! have you also tried the etch-a-sketch? i'd love to see your photography!