Monday, August 29, 2005

Strange Critters

Ask any gorilla what he or she thinks of the theory of homo sapiens as having descended from the same ancestor, and the response is likely to be the same the world over: outraged laughter. There are six species of apes, and while some people claim that human beings belong to the so-called "lost seventh species," all of the gorillas know that the theory is utter and complete hogwash. Just because you humans wear wrist-watches and drive cars doesn't mean you automatically get to be part of Club Primata. For all I know, perhaps you descended from the dinosaurs. Just take a look here:

Dinosaur Adventure Land

Thanks (but no thanks) to Castironskillet, the proprietor of the Green Dragon Inn, for bringing this theme park to my attention. If you humans think you and the dinosaurs are contemporaries, then by all means, be my guest. Have each other over for dinner, for all I care. Let me know when you're finished constructing your time machine, too. I'd love a ride. (I'd also love to know what you're smoking, too, because it's definitely not a box of Cuban cigars.)

In the meantime, here is some wallpaper for your computer:

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