Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Sing a song of Technorati

If you're looking for me in Technorati, here's what you get when you find links that don't connect to my blog. Of course, there are numorous references to the actor Brad Pitt, about whom I am not too fussy. (Brad Pitt is going to have to acquire more body hair if he wants to look like me.) I would much prefer to be associated with the digital artist Brad Pitre. Who wouldn't?

Here are some of my preliminary finds:

Stumbling and Rumbling

The young lady is probably 21 or 22 and I thought she was actually pretty attractive. Her significant other, however, looks like a silverback gorilla.

In other words, the young lady's significant other was even more stunning than she was. I'm sure the young lady was pretty. However, silverback gorillas are a breed apart. If you ever met one, you'd know.

Incudine's Log

Hairest [sic] Person In East High School... and the nominees are:

Sam Pecone
Arpie Afghanistan
A Gorilla
This Guy

Hah! These people in East High School should see my landlord. Before my landlady gave him a trim, my landlord's hair was all the way down his back.

Sarah's Space


93. BRAD: scradly

Of course Sarah's favorite animal is a gorilla. I had not a doubt in my mind. As far as "scradly" goes, I am over the moon. "Scradly" is a regional dialectual inflection of the word "scrodly" which comes from the word "scrod." While once scrod refered to fileted cod, now it simply means "catch of the day." So, someone who is "scrodly" is considered quite the catch in a romantic sense. While I have no interest in romance with human beings, being called "Scradly Bradley" is nothing but a compliment of the highest social order. I'd pound my chest with pride, but I have a lit cigar in my hand.

Question Form on a Live Journal

In answer to the question, "If you could have any animal for a pet, what would it be?" Nuhnuhnamita replies:
"A baby gorilla in its natural habitat. which, I guess, would mean it wasn't really a pet, just a creature I get to hang out with."

Nhnuhnamita, you're my favorite kind of human. I'm no baby gorilla, but we could hang out and have Pan-Asian pizza any day. Not today, though. Bradley Enterprises has a deadline to meet. In fact, I'm going to stop blogging now, and go boss someone around. Vale, lacerte!

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