Sunday, August 28, 2005

If You Really Must Dance

If you really must dance to "S.P.Q.R." then the ever-so-humble Melangell has figured out the moves for you to attempt. Disclaimer: if you twist your ankle or break your neck trying to execute these steps, don't even think of suing me. Bradley Enterprises will clean your clocks.

Melangell writes:
- Actually, doing "S.P.Q.R." is easier for me than doing "Y.M.C.A." Although first one must decide, "Am I going to do the letters so that someone looking at me can read them, or are they for myself?"
I will describe them as for myself, and you can reverse them if that please you more.
S = Left arm curves over the top of the head, right hand curves under the Dan Tien (or solar plexus, or belly.) I am not sure of the transliteration there.

P= the left hand drops to the side, the right arm curves up in an arc beside the head.

Q = both arms arc up over the head, as if creating the sun. The right leg angles out to the side.

R - The right leg remains angled, the right arm drops a bit and arcs out about the head, and the left arms drops to the side. (in otherwords, a P with the right leg angled out to the side.)

I hope, Brad, that this meets with your satisfaction.

Sure! I'm satisfied. However, you'll never catch me doing the "S.P.Q.R." dance. I'm more of a "Louie Louie" kind of hoofer. (Which reminds me, when are we ever going to get it together to make "Louie Louie" the state song of Washington?)


Melangell said...

I think I reversed the "S". I am so confused. Who am I talking to here?

Brad the Gorilla said...

Dear Melangell,
Perhaps all of the dancing has gone to your head. Since you have arrived at Brad the Gorilla's blog, obviously, you are talking to Brad the Gorilla. Why are humans so incredulous when they find out they are talking to a gorilla? Did it ever occur to them that I might find it weird and strange to be talking to a human?

Andrew said...

Melangell - I thought you had and decided you hadn't but now I think you're right, that you did.

Brad - thank you for teaching me Populosque! I had been using 'Populous Que' and am as relieved to stop such embarassment as if I'd had leaves in my teeth at a clan meeting.

Brad the Gorilla said...

Andrew, I am glad to be of assistance in your emancipation from embarrassing incidents, especially those involving Latin. Docendo discimus is what I always say. (Also, Nunc est bibendum is another favorite. Will you buy the first round?)