Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Not exactly a fan letter

I got this note in my in-box this morning from one of my fans:

Dear Brad,

I'm sorry to say I feel you're being a little too pushy. I'm happy to give your new blog a try, I will comment when I have something to say, but when you leave comments in my journal like "when are you coming to my gig" and "why don't you have me listed", I start feeling coerced. Of course, I understand you're an eager, even rambunctious, young gorilla, and you are only acting out of your enthusiasm and desire to have me join your fun. However, sometimes you can get away with pushing someone into fun, sometimes you can't. Please let me decide in my own time when and how to participate.

All I can say is I'm flattered that some people consider me a young gorilla. I'm in my 40's, after all. My landlady made me apologize and said I really should make cookies to show my deep regret. Hah! Instead, I'll make creme brulee with chocolate sauce.

Now where is that torch when I need it?


Alkelda the Gleeful said...

Dear Brad,
I know it is your style to light fires under people's seats(theoretically, please!) in order to get them to react, but some people prefer soft cushions with furry cats sitting next to them. I know it is beneath your dignity to assume the likeness of a furry cat, but it's important to know that the line between charming and irritating can be quite slender and tenuous. If you want Phil to laugh, perhaps instead of pestering him, you can send him a funny picture. But yes, creme brulee doesn't hurt either.

Phil said...

I don't know, a picture of someone taking a blowtorch to crème brûlée is pretty funny...