Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Candle Salad courtesy of ABCGirl

ABCGirl sent this note to my landlady this morning: Since he's snooty and won't let me talk to him without a blogger account, just tell Brad that I found a photo of the "1/2 banana on pineapple" dessert that he mentioned. I think it's called a "candle salad." He could maybe use this photo for his new menu.

I must point out to Ms. Happy Stuff that the "candle salad" photo looks like nothing that would show up on a dieter's menu. Everyone knows that dieters don't eat things with whipped cream on top. They may as well have something good and eat bananas foster. However, this photo just might be rude enough to show up in Green Dragon Inn's regular menu. De gustibus non est disputandum is what I always say.


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