Friday, August 19, 2005

Out of a job, but into a gig

I'm out of a job again. The proprietor of the Green Dragon Inn was very cagey about my salary. When I got huffy, he suggested that perhaps I had deep emotional issues that needed to be addressed before I came to work for him. Hah! I flung my chili-pepper apron on the floor and stomped out. In hind-sight, perhaps I shouldn't have done that. I liked my chili-pepper apron.

As a Gorilla of Honor, I will not divulge the secret of the Green Dragon Stew, but I will give you some hints as to what the secret of the stew isn't:

1)It's not dish-soap.
2)It's not brake-fluid.
3)It's not lite-beer.

I'm taking this opportunity to assess my career change, and have decided that perhaps I'll open up a milkshake bar. There are so many coffee-shops and not enough milkshake bars. I'll start with a kiosk and work my way up to a circus tent. Someday, I'll earn enough money to buy that empty lot across the street and have a whole milkshake restaurant. In the meantime, I'll just rely on the quarterly earnings from Bradley Enterprises and the tip jar for the Deadbeat Crawdads gigs. I have high hopes for our first gig. Philip the Pun, a famous music critic from Boston who's breaking new ground in the Puget Sound Region, has agreed to review our show. We're playing at Ratzinger's tonight! See you there, Phil. (There's still no word on the drummer from Library Science, but we'll wing it if we have to.)

Per aspera ad astra.

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