Thursday, August 18, 2005

Baby photo

I just got a mention in the Takoma Park Maryland Library blog. The person to whom the writer refers, Reynard the Fox, is the library mascot. Often, he whispers into the children's librarian's ear before storytime, but he's been known to encourage the library staff to say rude words. Often, someone will utter something crass, and then follow up with, "Reynard made me say it."

I don't have any recent photos of Reynard, but I do have this baby photo of him wearing a diaper. He's going to be so mad when he sees it. Here it is:

Oh no--It's my baby picture. Delete, delete, delete. Shucks. The delete button isn't working.

I remember this photo too well. My landlady, who knew me back when I was a little baby, thought it would be neat to dress me up for a photo calendar. This was the January photo shoot. I ask you: what's my landlady doing giving a wine-glass to a baby? And what's the funnel on my head supposed to be-- a party hat?

This is a low day in blogging for Brad the Gorilla. I'm going to go throw a few of the landlady's pots and pans around the kitchen just to blow off steam. Then, I'm going to heat up leftover aloo gobi and make a shandy. I'm not a baby anymore!

I got this email in my inbox today:

Nice try. Baby picture, my foot. That was you, last New Year, thinking
you were drunk, putting the diaper and funnel on in a haze of
confusion, having no recollection of the incident but plenty of
remorse that you were caught in the act. No more partying for you.


P.P.S. There is now a black and white photo of Reynard on the library website. It's okay. I've seen better.

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