Friday, August 12, 2005

Justice for Bananas Gorilla

Within the classic tome of Richard Scarry's Busiest People Ever, Lowly Worm leads Sergeant Murphy on a chase to catch someone who has robbed the grocery store. After failing to find the real culprit, Lowly Worm accused Bananas Gorilla for the simple reason that "Out of all those people Bananas was the only one carrying something [bananas, of course] that could be stolen from a grocery store." With only flimsy circumstantial evidence far away from the scene of the crime, Sergeant Murphy carts Bananas Gorilla off to jail.

Does this really make sense, especially since Bananas Gorilla grows his own organic bananas in his own backyard? Who is really robbing the grocery store, and why do Sergeant Murphy and Lowly Worm hold grudges against Busytown's favorite ape? Blogger Brad the Gorilla continues the ongoing journalistic investigation in his blog that Simian Gazette calls "a roaring success" and calls "a blog that just won't go away." Support the blog and the defense for Bananas Gorilla by sending large donations to: You might receive one of the nifty tee-shirts pictured above.


Melangell said...

If I send a hefty donation, I want a tee-shirt as depicted, it is only right.

Brad the Gorilla said...

Dear Melangell,

Just how hefty a donation are we talking about? I think we can make a deal.

P.S. My birthday is August 14th.