Saturday, August 20, 2005

Deadbeat Crawdads' First Gig

Deadbeat Crawdads' first gig was okay, not great. The drummer of Library Science sent his apologies for not showing up, so we had the audience keep time by tapping on their beer glasses. That worked out pretty well for the first number in our set, "Yes We Have No Bananas/Peter Gunn Mashup" but not so well later on for the syncopated "Deadbeat Bottom-dweller Boogie-Woogie Blues." The highlight of the set was probably our anthem, "Evolve Already!" We ended up with 75 cents in the tip cup . Phil, the music critic, wasn't able to come to the show, but he did send us a complimentary fruit-basket to use for our final song, "Pelt You With Peaches (You Rotten Tomato)."

I wouldn't be up this early except that the landlord's toddler daughter woke at 5 a.m. My landlord and landlady really needed the sleep, so I stayed up and played guitar with her. The funds from the Inappropriate Word Jar will go toward guitar lessons for her later on. Hey! In theory, if I play my cards right, someday I can get back all the money I had to put in...

Inappropriate Word Jar
Fines based on frequency & severity.
25 cents initial violation.
Stiffer penalties for religious profanity
& cursing blue streaks.
(Fines doubled for Brad the Gorilla.)


abcgirl said...

y'know, i was just listening to a recording of "yes, we have no bananas" this weekend and thinking of you, brad. i don't think i've actually ever had a chance to hear the song before, just lots of references to it. i kinda liked it!

Brad the Gorilla said...

I'm glad that you kind of liked the song, ABCGirl. I like it much more spliced together with the "Peter Gunn" theme. I'm hoping to put the recording on Deadbeat Crawdads' first album (working title:"Rocarina"), but we're having some problems with copyright issues at the moment. It seems as if the record companies actually want to be paid royalties for the songs! Humbug.