Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Shad the Gorilla

Against my better judgement, I am posting a picture of my older brother, Shad, also known as "my brilliant son the scientist" (by our parents), and "handsome hairy beast" (by gorilla girls everywhere he goes). Shad is a proper silverback gorilla who works in McMurdo Station on Ross Island in Antarctica. Before Antarctica, Shad lived outside of Glasgow, Scotland with his university sweetheart, a Scotsgorilla named Aoife McCullough. Charlotte is Shad's and Aoife's daughter, but Shad doesn't really know Charlotte all that well. They meet up once a year on the Galapagos Islands, because that's as far north as Shad will travel. Technically, Shad and Aoife are still mates, but they had a falling out some years ago and haven't seen each other since Charlotte was a toddler. Despite all of the storm and stress of Shad's marriage, he is still our parents' golden boy. However, I beat Shad at wrestling once a few years back, much to our parents' chagrin. Shad has been insisting on a rematch ever since, but I choose instead to rest on my laurels.

Shad the Gorilla, my older brother


Ulric said...

I say, old chap. Shadly has a goofy look that reminds me of... you. So I guess that makes you a handsome hairy beast as well.

Nonny said...

Your a Photoshop god. Not that this picture is in anyway retouched or faked, I'm just saying, in general, I bet your a photoshop god ;)

PS: You know who I think the sexiest gorilla is.

HitManJ said...

Brad, you are STILL my #1 muscle, but with Bradley Enterprises growing as fast as my, uh, work, I could use some more help.

If Shad ever decides to come back to the warmer climate, let me know!

Lady K said...

Brad, you'll always be the sexiest (and gruffest) gorrilla I know!

Yorkshire Pudding said...

Although I should begin by pointing out that I am fully heterosexual - so don't get any ideas mate - you are much more handsome than your brother Shad! By the way what did your brother do to be banished to Antarctica? Did Aoife arrange it with the CIA or something following their bust up?

Brad the Gorilla said...

Ulric, Nonny, Hitman J, Lady Hearteater, and Mr. Pudding:
Although I will never be "cute," I think I can accept "handsome." Wait until I tell Shad!

Hitman J, I doubt Shad will ever again travel further north than Ecuador unless there is some big scientific conference and he can't get anyone else to go.

Mr. Pudding: Shad is self-exiled to Antarctica, as Aoife broke his heart. Shad has always been more romantically minded than I. You should see the poetry he writes! It's absolutely maudlin.