Thursday, February 02, 2006

Monkey's New Yahoo Avatar

Not too long ago, I created a Yahoo avatar, but I was disatisfied with the appalling lack of diversity among the primate choices. I wasn't a human, so why did I have to pretend otherwise? I studied the problem astutely and came up with something simple but brilliant: my Bravatar. Behold:

I couldn't stop there. Deep down inside,I suspected my simian friend Monkey secretly wanted an accurate avatar of his own...but what to do? The problem haunted me for many days. Then, in a brilliant flash of insight, the solution came to me:

Congratulations, Monkey. You too can now display a two-dimension depiction of your true self in the Yahoo IM world and beyond. The cup in your hand contains Spinning Girl's famous Mayan hot chocolate. I don't know why you have a horse in your living room. It just showed up. Maybe it's your rhino unicorn?


Nonny said...


I see Monkey made it with arms intact. Excellent work as usual my friend. I think your on the verge of starting a simian avatar revolution.

HitManJ said...

You know, your creative talents like that could come in handy. Forge ahead, my friend ;) ;)

Yorkshire Pudding said...

Just thought, has Shad got a blog? It would be great to check in to his blog if he has one - probably exceedingly more interesting than the crazy ramblings of his younger brother, living out ape fantasies in the mental institution known as Cascadia! "Captain Shad of The Antarctic", "Frozen Nuts" or "Head Honcho Penguin" would be good blog titles for him. Please advise.

Brad the Gorilla said...

Nonny and Hitman J: As ever, your praise raises the spirits of a poor, humble gorilla who never boasted of anything any day of his life. If only Mr Pudding could learn by your exemplary example, what a wonderful world this would be.

Ho ho!

Mr Pudding: Shad the Gorilla does not have a blog. He is a serious research scientist doing serious research that could potentially save our entire planet from extinction, or at least mitigate some of the terrible things we have done over the years. By the way, I know you want to go to Antarctica, but whatever you do, AVOID going during springtime. Springtime in Antarctica is in November, and that's when the ozone hole is at its largest. The whole thing makes me shiver, and not just because it's cold down there.

You would get along swimmingly with my parents! You could all sit around the fire, drinking your pints, and raving about how wonderful Shad is.


Just remember, I beat Shad at wrestling once, and I will lord it over Shad until the end of time. I beat my chest. I emit a triumphant yell.

Monkey said...

Oh my God! I'm adorable! And my legs are so long!

Thank you Brad. I'll get busy on that Hot Chocolate right away.

(I have a stable of horses, so this makes sense to me. But they are all much smaller than I am. Will post photo of this later.)

Spinning Girl said...

That is so beautiful!!!