Sunday, January 29, 2006

Four Things: a Meme for the Masses

Here is a copy of the Brad’s Four Things Meme. I can't believe I'm doing such a silly, undignified activity as participating in a meme. It makes my fur stand on end. After I finish this post, I shall have to do the New York Times crossword puzzle using my fancy-dancy fountain pen in order to restore my dignity.

Jobs I’ve Had
1) Musician
2) Chef
3) Actor
4) CEO

Movies I can Watch Over and Over

1) Liar Liar
2) Man in the Moon
3) Truman Show
4) Earth Girls Are Easy

Places I’ve Lived

1) Africa
2) Asia
3) Europe
4) Antarctica (as a summer intern, working for my brother Shad)

Places I’ve Vacationed
1) Memphis, Tennessee , USA
2) South Bend, Indiana ,USA (Go Fighting Irish!)
3) Asbury Park, New Jersey, USA (I don’t like to talk about this trip)
4) Carlsbad Caverns, New Mexico, USA

Favorite Dishes
1) Pomegranate salad with crème fraiche
2) Bananas Foster
3) Fried mozzarella sticks
4) Peanut butter and marshmallow fluff sandwiches

Non-Blogger Sites I visit Daily

1) Homestar Runner (sound on)
2) The Motley Fool (A lot of people think this site is “so 1997,” but it’s still my favorite investing site)
3) Zombo (sound on)
4) New York Stock Exchange

Places I’d Like to Visit
1) Constantinople
2) Timbuktu
3) Troy
4) Nonny's house

People I’m Tagging For This Meme:
1) Monkey
2)Philip the Pun
3)My Landlord
4)The King

Update: By special request, here is a photo I found taken during my summer internship at McMurdo Station. It was a pretty rowdy summer. The emperor penguin you see on the right is named Forster. We still send each other postcards every now and then.


Yorkshire Pudding said...

Thank you for deigning to sink to meme level. Antarctica? Wow! I think the world deserves your blogged reminiscences from those days. After all, it's not every day an emperor penguin gets to meet a gorilla! Antarctica is a place I'd love to visit and I am insanely jealous that you have already ticked that one off.

Brad the Gorilla said...

Mr Pudding,
It's funny you mention emperor penguins meeting gorillas. My older brother, Shad, is a research scientist at McMurdo Station on Ross Island. He gets to meet emperor penguins every day. He has a few friends among them, but says that as a whole, they're a gossipy lot. I was a teenager when I spent my summer internship in the South. I basically spent all my time bowling and watching movies when I wasn't helping my brother Shad with his top-secret Antarctic studies, I folded and clipped the company memos, and never got to see any secret documents unless I peeked.

I'll see if I can dig up a photo or two from that summer on Ross Island. One piece of advice when you go to Antarctica: "Avoid all penguins wearing earmuffs." It's a saying. I'm not sure what it means. If you find out, let me know.

Yorkshire Pudding said...

And another thing sir - you may be a little behind the times - because Constantinople became Istanbul decades ago. What kind of atlases did they show you in high school?
Yeah - hunt out the Antarctic photos - as long as you didn't have intimate relations with sealife such as walruses and sperm whales. Why are they called sperm whales anyway?

Brad the Gorilla said...

Mr Pudding:

Exactly. Three out of four of these places I wish to visit involve time travel. I want to visit Constantinople, not Istanbul. I want to visit Troy, not Hissarlik. And the Timbuktu I wish to visit is not the desolate town in Mali today but the thriving trade center of West Africa in the 1300's.

After all that, Nonny's house would be a good place to stop off for a rest.

Sperm whales are named for the spermaceti oil produced in its speraceti organ (located in the head). In essence, it is wax. Really pricey wax. Humans rather like it for waterproofing their oilskins. That's why they hunt the sperm whales and say silly things like, "Thar she blows" while hopping around on wooden legs.

El JoPe Magnifico said...

Dear Mr. The Gorilla,
I, too, loveloveLOVE Bananas Foster! Sadly, the one occasion on which I attempted to prepare it, I almost burned down my friend's apartment. Ironically, we never could get the bananas lit. What is your secret? I suspect my "a little rum for the bananas, a little rum for me" method is flawed and possibly violates city code in some manner. TIA,
Señor Magnifico

Brad the Gorilla said...

Señor Magnifico,
Getting the bananas lit is the challenge, indeed. Alcohol burns off very quickly, and you've got to do the lighting of the rum very, very fast. If you do the "a little rum for bananas, a little rum for me" method, your hand is liable to shake while attempting to set the bananas on fire.

Nonny said...

WOW! is the only word that comes to mind.

You guys are more than welcome to stay at my house :)