Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Hello... I'm Brad the Gorilla (a music mix)

Hi all. I’ve been busy making mixes on my iPod banana. I lent it to the Landlady for a few days, but now I’ve got it back, and I am not going to let it go again any time soon. Here is a playlist for you to add to your collections. The title of this mix is "Hello... I'm Brad the Gorilla."

Lyrics are linked whenever possible:

I Slipped, I Stumbled, I Fell-—Elvis Presley
Hey Food—Cookie Monster & the Beetles
Chocolate Milk-—ScribbleMonster & his Pals
Blueberry Pie—Bette Midler
You Drive Me Ape (You Big Gorilla)—The Go-Nuts
Man on the Moon-—R.E.M.
In the Jailhouse Now--Soggy Bottom Boys
Banana Splits (The Tra-la-la-song)--Dickies
Folsom Prison Blues-—Johnny Cash
Hello… I’m Johnny Cash—-Alabama 3 (link points the way to the video: be patient while it loads! Not that I'm ever patient, but you might be different...)
On My Way to Vegas-—Brian Tyler (from the Six String Samurai soundtrack)
Apeman--The Kinks

I expect lots of comments on this post. I didn't cut and paste all those lyric links for my own amusement. As Monkey often says, "Please send bananas," but forget about the "please" part. I'm tough. I'm gruff. In the entire history of the Brad the Gorilla blog, I have never, ever said "please."


Monkey said...

I did not know that you had a relationship with Jennifer Aniston! For reasons I can't explain... I am very jealous of this fact.

In other news... your music mix is inspired. Inspired I tell you!

Yorkshire Pudding said...

Addition - "I'm An Apeman" by The Kinks.

Lady K said...

VERY diverse selection! I'm proud of you for having figured it out.

Nonny said...

Stop acting like cut and paste is so hard. I checked out all your lyrics though because I'm lazy and would never have gone to that much trouble so I can appreciate the effort.

God your handsome in that cowboy getup!

HitManJ said...

ANYTHING sung with the muppets is worth a download! Add to that the Beatles? WOOT

Brad the Gorilla said...

Monkey: Jen and I are just friends! Any rivalry I ever had with Pittboy was over who was meaner and rougher. I can't tell you how many times I had the guy in a headlock. O, but he cried like a baby.

Mr Pudding: Good song! I've added it to the mix. Thanks, old chap.

Lady Hearteater: As ever, you flatter me.

Nonny: Are you kidding? I've got "mouse elbow" from all that cutting and pasting. I'm glad you like my cowboy getup. If Johnny Cash is The Man in Black, then I'm the Ape in Fur.

Hitman J: Unfortunately, "Hey Food" isn't available as a download. I'm afraid you'll have to pirate it! Anything on iTunes that you search for under the words "Sesame Street" comes up with a racy band by that name.