Monday, January 23, 2006

Huge Sale at Bradley Enterprises

Bradley Enterprises is having a SALE!

For a limited time only, all tee-shirts in the shop (plus the set of coasters) have reduced prices. The one condition of the sale is that if you actually buy a tee-shirt from Bradley Enterprises, you must send Brad the Gorilla a photograph of you wearing the shirt.


HitManJ said...


Really Really?

Cuz I'll buy one. I better get one in the mail!

Lady K said...

VERY tempting, Brad.

Brad the Gorilla said...

Buy buy buy, while the getting's good! In just a few days, the shirts will be back up to their pricey prices.

I can hear my helicopter now:

Thwup,thwup, thwup,thwup, thwup.

Monkey said...

I BOUGHT ONE. (but you don't have them for sale in size preemie. Damn you.)