Sunday, November 20, 2005

Great Gorilla Run

Nobody ever tells me anything. For the past two years, there has been a Great Gorilla Run in London, England, to raise funds for gorillas in the wild. Neither my cousin Nigel (who lives in Brixton) nor my clipping service notified me of this matter. (Memo to Self: Fire the clipping service.)

I had to find out about the Gorilla Run from Adam Ant of all people. While I appreciate Mr. Ant's intentions to be helpful, it's actually good that his record company refused to release "Save the Gorilla", sung to the tune of "Stand and Deliver." (Memo to Mr. Ant: The next time you want to release a song about gorillas, why don't you write to me personally? Please. I can help. Among other many other things, I am a noted songwriter.)

Other links to the Great Gorilla Run:

Baked Apes!

Rach's Great Gorilla Run

Just when I thought my adopted country had dropped the ball, I found this link to a Gorilla Run in Colorado: Denver Gorilla Run

Now, Washington State needs a Gorilla Run of its own. I would run in the race myself, except that I have bad knees ruined from lifting weights. Still, I could organize it. Better yet, I could get Ulric to organize it while I sit in my chair, smoke my cigar, and boss him around.

Addendum: My Landlady just pointed out that the Great Gorilla Run is not a race, therefore I can walk it. I will have the benefit of not having to put on a gorilla suit, but of course, I will need to wear a costume.


JAX said...

Hi Brad!! Hitman sent me! I hear you're a chef??? I think you and I are gonna be friends. Besides, you are the only person I have met so far beside me that would put the Muppets Ma nah ma nah video on their blog. I have it on my hard drive. I just hadn't gotten to putting it on my blog yet. That's hot! ;) Anyway, I haven't really read your posts yet but I know I will and I think I may be coming back.

Your new friend, J

HitManJ said...

Just be careful, Brad is a gruff 'rilla. Don't even try to compliment him on how super nice he is from time to time.

Brad's the muscle 'round here. He's my number one go-to guy. If knee-caps need to be busted...Brad's my guy...usually he gets Ulric to do it. That's thekind of leadership I like around here.

I'll support your Gorilla Run, Brad. Where do I send the check?

Fridaysweb said...

Adam Ant? I figured he died of a drug overdose years ago. I haven't seen him in years. But, hey, it's cool that he's supporting a cause. In his own umm...unique way.


Lady K said...

You GO, Brad! I'll support the run, too. Glad you'd be able to participate, even with your bad knees and all. The costume would add a nice touch to the mix.

Andrew said...

what a cutie!

Brad the Gorilla said...

J and LH
Hurrah! It's good to have some grass root support for the Great Gorilla Run of Washington State. Thanks I'll let you know when the funds are needed. In the meantime, tell your friends about the Great Gorilla Run, and perhaps there will be some enthusiasm for starting these Runs in other parts of the world.

Thanks for visiting, Jags. I'll look at your site, too. Just harken to Hitman J's warnings and don't think you can get away with ruffling my fur or telling me how cute I am. I won't stand for it. I'll throw a fit!

Yorkshire Pudding said...

I am honoured to be listed in your "Links" alongside what is a fascinating and highly original blog. I love the way you sustain the Gorilla charade. With regard to this "drink you under the table" bull, could I just state categorically that if drinking beer were an Olympic sport, Britain, Germany and the Czech Republic would always be competing for the medals with the USA, Zaire and Burundi way way back. Instead of beer try monkey nuts!

Brad the Gorilla said...

Dear Mr. Pudding,

Please be advised that apes and monkeys are of two different families. I know you did not call me a monkey, but the implication is there with "monkey nuts." Shocking! I am not a big fan of beer (though Samuel Smith's Tadcaster Ale is quite pleasant, and should we indeed meet up for that drinking match, I shall require an introduction to the local brews.), but I am fond of whiskey. If you come across a bottle of Scapa, please think of your friend Brad, as the distillery closed some time ago, and bottles are becoming scarcer to obtain.

As far as Gorilla Charades go, I am afraid that I am not very good at those sorts of party games. However, check out this guy. Can you guess which film title he's trying to convey?

Ahem. Ulric has just reminded me of a game we used to play years ago, called "Bradopoly." It's based upon the board game "Monopoly" with a few alterations. I shall have to blog it sometime.