Friday, December 30, 2005

Coffee Gorilla

Philip the Pun just came back from his East Coast vacation. While he was gone, I visited his condo, watered his cat, fed his plants, played with his Star Wars LEGOs and did some laundry, since the Landlord's washing machine was broken. Unfortunately, I got the dishwasher soap and the laundry detergent mixed up. My Landlady hasn't yet noticed how squeaky-clean all the clothes are, but she has mentioned something about the "shine" that makes me think she's getting suspicious.

At any rate, Phil showed his appreciation for all my hard work by bringing back for me some Gorilla Coffee. Like me, the coffee is Mighty Strong:

It's a Full Pound (though I'm sure I weigh much, much more, albeit not as much as Brutus):

And it's Not Wimpy:

Thank you, Phil. You're very generous. (I almost feel badly about the hair-trim I gave your cat. Then again, she wouldn't have needed the hair-trim had I not given her bubble-gum. I only had the bubble-gum out because I had to fix your broken LEGOs with something. They would never have broken if it hadn't been for the cat jumping up on the ledge to escape from the attack of the finger-puppets.)


Ulric said...

Back to making trouble again. That's the Brad I know. P.S. I like the updated profile.

Nonny said...

I love coffee!!! Kinda sucks not having a cigarette to go with it. I'm still smoke free right now. I love the part where they actually promote its addictiveness, under the "not wimpy" heading and it's organic. I bet it's expensive.

Fridaysweb said...

Oh geez. I want coffee, dammit. I'm sorry to curse on your blog, Bradley. I know you're a good gorilla and I'm a bad birdy, but... well, I want coffee, dammit! Share? I have a new cappuccino maker and no good coffee to go in it. I bet yours would be good. Share? PLEASE?

Brad the Gorilla said...

I'm putting a big pot of coffee on right now. You and Nonny can have some. Where did you get the idea that I was a good gorilla? As flattering as that is, it's simply not true. I am notorious for my bad behavior around here.

Nonny, if you're giving up cigarettes, then I'm giving up stinky cigars. I'm succumbing to peer pressure! I'm going to get back into making origami figures because I need something to do with my hands when I'm not playing the guitar or keyboards, throwing fruit at my Landlady, or typing.

If anyone else is interested, this is one of the best beginning origami books on the market:
Origami, by Hideaki Sakata. Oh help, now I'm starting to sound like my Landlady with her book recs and what-not.

Yorkshire Pudding said...

Happy New Year!

Lady K said...

Brad, I also LOVE coffee. One of my favorites is Tim Horton's, but it can only be purchased in his special stores back east. I've searched in my homestate of Ohio to no avail, and it's not available online. m'Lord brought some home from MI when he was there and it is, without a doubt, THE best coffee I've ever tasted. Now I'm curious about the gorilla stuff...I'll just bet it makes GREAT lattes.

As for origami, it's always been a closet interest of mine. I'm definitely going to check out the beginner's book. If I succeed, I'll post pictures.

Kudos to you for giving up the stinky cigars, although I LOVE the smell of them.

Pirate said...

The mrs. Pirate and myelf had the discussion today of where i would fit in on a Popeye cast. Brutus, Whipmy, or popeye. It was decided definately, Brutus.

Brad the Gorilla said...

As you may have guessed, Brutus is my favorite character.