Monday, December 05, 2005


Dear Nonny,

Your Christmas tree is sparkly and festive, but it's missing something very important: the Brad Ornament! I shall remedy the situation immediately:

If anyone else has a Very Special Blogger ornament, please sent it my way.


Nonny said...

Brad, I am printing it off as we speak. I will be using heavy card stock and then laminating it directly. This should make it last and last. I'm also toying with the idea of printing off two and making it my tree topper!

Brad the Gorilla said...

That would be most excellent! Now, I need to find some things with which to decorate my landlord's and landlady's tree. That is where my fellow bloggers come in. Send me an ornament (or a link, if you must), and I'll decorate the tree when the house-owners aren't looking.

Lady K said...

I happen to have a color printer at work, and will print this ornament off and do the same! I'm so excited! I do believe that I will also send you my very special Polish Christmas tree ornament, which is a work in progress as we speak. What a GREAT idea! You're so creative, Brad!

Brad the Gorilla said...

Great! I look forward to seeing your ornament. It will cheer me up after the whole art school fiasco (see 12/6 post).