Saturday, December 03, 2005

Brad's Billion Dollar Blog

My Landlady's blog is worth a small chunk of change. I shall find out how much my blog is worth, according to someone else's arbitrary number-crunching:

I am shocked. This is obviously a mistake. I'll take the test again:

My blog is worth $1,000,000,000.00.
How much is your blog worth?

That's more like it! There is so much wisdom in these little blog quizzes.


Melangell said...

Hee hee hee. Oh you Brad!The Mr. Darcy of the Gorilla set (and beyond).Guess which movie I just saw.

Yorkshire Pudding said...

A more valid question would be to ask how much is Tristan Louis (Technorati's entrepreneurial whizzkid visionary) worth? Well for the name Tristan that's minus $127,523 and for the sunset in the background of his photo that's minus $11.45. Screw Tristan Brad, your blog is worth loads and it will be worth more when the new King Kong hits Europe. Booooo to nasty Tristan!

Lady K said...

I believe your blog is worth more, too, Bradley. I also believe you should have WON that mayoral election, as well. I agree with Mr. Pudding...BOO Tristan!

P.S. WV: avwia: Elmer Fudd's version of Ave Maria.

Sorry Brad, couldn't help myself!

Nonny said...

Mine is worth $0.00 also, I bet my old blog was worth alot more. I know yours is, you always have something interesting to share :)

Brad the Gorilla said...

That Technorati blog quiz was just silly. From now on, whenever someone brings it up, I will respond with, "Boooooo to nasty Tristan." (I like the sound of "Nasty Tristan." I wonder if he got teased in school.)