Thursday, December 22, 2005

Poem and Chocolate for Nonny

HEY nonny no!
Men are fools that wish to die!
Is 't not fine to dance and sing
When the bells of death do ring?
Is 't not fine to swim in wine,
And turn upon the toe,
And sing hey nonny no!
When the winds blow and the seas flow?
Hey nonny no!

--16th Century, author unknown

My favorite part of the song is about swimming in wine, although I'm sure Mr. Pudding would prefer to swim in beer. Of course, I don't really want to swim in wine. I can't even swim (though when pressed, I can doggy-paddle).

By the way, I know Nonny expressed some skepticism over the chocolate fondue fountain. However, once she sees that I have dipped roses in chocolate using the super chocolate fondue fountain, she'll change her tune. I just know it.


Nonny said...

My dearest Brad,

Thank you so much for the lovely poem and chocolate roses. Can I just say I'm planning on holding an online intervention for you. Your chocolate fountain obsession is taking over your life.

Larger Chocolate fountain=larger mess to clean up. Though I love the fact the it is actually flowing in the picture.

HitManJ said...

Intervention? Is that like when I hold a gun to someone's head? If so, I just finished my fifth intervention this week!

I prefer chocolate strawberries.

Lady K said...


I'm sorry to say that the chocolate roses look like tiny little penises. Could be the fever talking...hee hee!

Ya know I love ya!

Monkey said...

I want to swim in pudding.

Brad the Gorilla said...

You have my blessings to swim in pudding, especially if it's banana. (I have a recipe for easy banana pudding not out of a box if you're ever interested.)

Lady Hearteater,
Pull yourself together! You've got pneumonia, woman. Besides, most things have phallic or yonic imagery if you really put your mind to it. Sometimes a chocolate rose is just a chocolate rose.

Hitman J,
I am not morally opposed to chocolate strawberries. Let me know when you next have some.

Life is messy. Celebrate with chocolate. Mr. Pudding will be thrilled to clean up the chocolate fondue pot afterward. I heard him say once that the only thing he loves more than drinking beer is washing dishes.

galetea said...

I like wine imagery. My family has an old Christmas drinking song that talks about how "The wine witch glitters in the glass". Not just nice imagery, but nice alliteration too. :)