Tuesday, February 28, 2006


I'm out of blogjail! In the middle of the night, Ulric showed up with a vintage "Get Out of Jail Free" card from his Bradopoly set. The jailer was furious, but there was nothing he could do. A Get Out of Jail Free card is non-negotiable.

It's such a relief to be out. I am grateful (in a gruff, hairy way, of course, that is not mushy in any shape or form) for all of you who lobbied for my release. Hitman J, I looked all over for the sign with the two clamps, but I didn't see it. I heard some clanking during the night from my cell-neighbor down the way, followed up a shouts of "Yippee!" so I suspect that person was the one who had your cell.

Friday and Lady K, thank you for all of the cannoli. Three dozen wasn't quite enough to give me a stomachache, but I had a fun time trying. Nonny, thank you for all of your petitions, though I really don't know what you meant by "harmless." I'm harmful. A menace to society, that's what I am... whoops, I'd better keep a low profile for a few days. You're right, though, in that Hitman J needs to take a photo of himself in his new finery.

Mr Pudding, I appreciate all of the ballpoint pens you sold to free me. Unfortunately, the Monkey didn't have a get out of jail free card, but fortunately, he wasn't in jail in the first place.

And finally, one more note to Lady K: "Use the money from tee-shirt sales," you said. Woman, are you crazy?! That's for the helicopter fund. Thwup, thwup, thwup.


Fridaysweb said...

it says cock (pit) heh heheh heheh you said cock hehe

Maximilan Stradivarius said...

Be careful, Friday! We radioactive chickens are very sensitive to teasing.
--Darth Rooster

HitManJ said...


heh heh huh huh


Nonny said...

I call shotgun for all future rides in the Bradcopter!

Lady K said...

brad, my furry friend, forgive me. I cracked two ribs and am on pain meds. What the hell was I thinking? I am SO glad you're free. The world is much better off with you running around, even being the menace to society that you are.

nonny, no fair. can I at least sit on your lap?

Fridaysweb said...

A brief interruption of today's program.

okay, yall, I'm generally too shy to drum up business this way (seriously, I am), but I need some damn PASSENGERS for the Toxic Bullette. I think I have a full crew, now, but I'm sadly lacking in other areas. If it helps, the ship is child-free, spouse-free and just plain free-for-all. Please send "passengers" my way. Just reply to the appropriate post, tell me a little about yourself (like, if you're naughty or nice and if there is something about you that is off-limits - so no one's feelings get hurt) and make sure I can link you. Send friends. God I sound so desparate. Kinda like when I had just gotten my braces and had that strange halo looking headgear thing and still hadn't grown into my "big hair" that all southern women are required to wear - and was looking for a date to the 7th grade dance. I'm pathetic [and shit like that]. Oh, the cruise will probably get naughty, so you were warned.

Ulric said...

Now I'm serving time in Blogjail for aiding and abetting a gorilla. They'll grow bored of me soon enough.

Lady K said...

brad, I'm on the recovery. The fuzziness of the pain meds has worn off and I now SEE the error of that judgement. Can I PLEASE have a cool seat in the whirlybird?

Phil said...

Ulric, you don't have a blog, how can you serve time in Blogjail?

Ulric said...

Thanks Phil. Based on that piece of info, they had to let me out. A minor technicality in my favor. Now all the non-bloggers can release goofy gorillas from jail without risking incrimination.