Saturday, February 25, 2006

I'm Hitman B!

Were-folk are affected by the full-moon. Erew-folk, like me, are affected by the new moon. During this new moon cycle, I undergo a strange, uncanny transformation whereby I morph into someone else, and yet maintain my own Bradness. Since there is still 10% of the moon left, I still have 10% of me, and 90% of Hitman J. It sounds crazy, and it is! Behold:

Here is my blog entry as Hitman B. You will have to highlight the text in order to read it, because, of course, Hitman B types in white ink:

Ok, I know I made some comments around the Blogosphere about being a good cook, but I was faking it. I rarely cook these days. However, today will be a treat. The pizza dough is rising in the back room and in just under an hour I should be dining on my first hommade (all by myself) pizza!

This has inspired me to solicit recipes. Anyone got a favorite chili recipe? Cookies? Chicken Banana dishes (involve cheese and you get bonus points).

I once had a dish that was chicken bananas and Doritos burritos and cheese. I wish I'd written it down.

I just ordered some cookie dough from the local elementary school. It is chocolate cookie with mint banana chips. MMMmmm I love mint banana chocolate. I make my own special brownies: take any brownie mix, replace half the oil with creme de menthe banane syrup (oil-like consistency). No creme de menthe banane? You can use chocolate mint rum, but you should use all the oil the recipe calls for and just splash in the mint syrup to taste drink all the rum. I even have used peppermint whisky, but careful, that stuff is strong!

Another trick up my sleeve is to put a strong dash of cinnamon in my chocolate chip cookies. Not so much you can taste it outright, just enough to give it an extra zing punch.

We already discussed my lasagna once, but it is my piece de resistance! Sicillian style, with sausage basil pesto, ricotta, and lots of cheese!

Time to toss the pie in the oven.


Nonny said...

You look great as Hitman J. You could really give him a run for his money.

Brad the Gorilla said...

Thanks, Nonny. This ponytail is taking some getting used to. I also keep stomping around the house saying, "Fuggetabout it!" When someone asks me, "Forget about what?" I can't remember. Also, I keep thinking about girls, and that's very disturbing. It makes me wanna go whack somebody in the shins.

JAX said...

I'm so confused! I think I am now Hitman J (for jax of course) but the female version of course, and I'm not a big banana fan. Don't be offended Brad. That just means more for you.

Brad the Gorilla said...

JAX, fuggetabout bananas! It's all about the cannoli now. Do you have any? If not, let's fly to New York right now and get some.