Saturday, February 18, 2006

Google Image Search Meme

I had promised Mr Pudding that I would do much mischief while he was in Madrid, but I failed. I have been dealing with the sniffles all week, and that has made me tired and grumpier than usual. However, I shall pick up the photo meme Mr Pudding featured on his blog. It's milder than what I had planned (hint: it involved banana cream pies and Mr Pudding's slippers) but it will have to do.

In your Google Image search, post the first photo for each search you do of the following items:

1) City and province/state/country where you were born:

2) Current town/city of residence:

3) Your names (first and last):

(How many of you were expecting this photo instead?)

4) Grandmother's first name:

5) Favorite food:

6) Favorite drink:

7) Favorite odor:

8) Favorite song:

9) Favorite gorilla:


Yorkshire Pudding said...

Oh yay! Go Brad! But I don't believe the Scapa warehouse pic.! You must have used some clever photo-doctoring software because when I checked on Google Image Search I didn't find that pic! By the way - I've had a cold too this week - it's funny how colds take some of the sparkle and sharpness out of life.

Yorkshire Pudding said...

I must beg your pardon - the Scapa warehouse pic does come up - sorry for doubting your integrity!

Brad the Gorilla said...

Mr Pudding, My pardon is obtained. What photo did you get the first time? When I got the photo I posted, I laughed uproariously because it was indeed the sort of thing I would have photoshopped.

I've just finished watching the latest "Battlestar Galactica" episode downloaded from iTunes. Now, if only I could get the new Dr. Who series the same way. What did you think of the new Who, by the way?

Lady K said...

Brad ~ For the sake of anonymity: parma; you know; Tina K; it's a state; in the usa; pizza; vodka; aqua velva; fall to pieces; and YOU, Bradley, are my favorite.

Big smiles, and big smooches.

Ah, here's a towel...grrrr

rawbean said...

Haha this is very interesting! I just did it with my own info and I like some photos, others are questionable...the one of my real first name would totally give away what it actually is so I think I'll keep it to myself.

Brad the Gorilla said...

Lady K: Thanks for the towel!

Rawbean: What photo did you get for question number nine? Ho ho. I had to change my answer for question number one because the photos that showed up were quite disturbing, and not funny at all.