Thursday, August 31, 2006

The New Brad Tee-Shirt

Here you go, Nonny, your new tee-shirt with my furry silhouette:

The back of the tee-shirt proudly proclaims the name and address of everyone's favorite gorilla blog:

I am expecting Mr Pudding to buy a shirt for everyone at his local pub. He did recently win a chunk of change at the pub, and it is only fitting that he and all his buddies get to wear stunning garb.

Here is a mug for Lady K:


Nonny said...

Fantastic! I have to have one. Then I can wear it around town. Or ever better, at work. Then people will ask me about it and I can talk on and on about my favorite gorilla. It's a win-win situation Brad!

Yorkshire Pudding said...

Over here in England we tend to wear shirts and ties when we venture out to the local inn. We know you inhabitants of the New World are less formal with your tee shirts, denim jeans, flowers in your hair and so forth. Why tis my observation that you have even forgotten how to hold cutlery properly when you eat. So I don't mean to be rude but I will have to pass on the tee shirt offer. Good luck with your spiffing enterprise anyhow old chap.

Lady K said...

I think I might have to get me one of these, too. What about putting that on a coffee mug? ;-)

Lady K said...

P.S. Thanks for putting me on the blogroll. I went to "Special K's" site and was LMAO that it was me. You're too cute. I mean GRUFF. Yeah. GRUFF.

Brad the Gorilla said...

Lady K: You've been on my blogroll forever as "Special K!" You're very crunchy, you know!

I will work on the coffee-mug for you, pronto.

Yorkshire Pudding: According to Miss Manners, the fact that Americans do so much more with their cutlery (switching hands, paws, etc.) indicates that Americans are more sophisticated than Englishfolk. Of course, I think you ALL have it wrong. Two-thirds of the world uses fingers or chopsticks when eating, and that seems more natural and normal to me than sticking bits of metal in one's mouth. I've seen you in your shorts and flip-flops, by the way. A Brad tee-shirt would spiff you up!

Nonny: As ever, your logic is impeccable. I wish Mr Pudding would learn a thing or two from you.