Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Day After the Party

What a wild and crazy party! There was excessive hedonism, merriment and conspicuous consumption like you've never seen. It started off mildly enough.

I got out the raw ingredients for the pizza:

I prepped the pizza with pesto and artichoke hearts:

Then I baked it in the oven and served it to my guests:

The pizza wasn't enough to fill the stomachs of the hordes of people in the room, but we made do with follow-up pies. Speaking of pie, the Landlady surprised me with a key-lime pie instead of birthday cake:

I cut the pie for other people, and ate the rest myself. I also had some wine.

Oops. I had too much wine:

It's around 9:30 pm PST right now. I woke up a half an hour ago. I'm thirsty! And hungry. Due to my wine overconsumption, I don't remember too much of the party, so you'll have to fill me in on the blanks. All I know is that we had a rip-roaring time. I also have a faint memory of Nonny, Lady K and SeƱor Magnifico dancing the flamenco on the table-tops, but perhaps I'm remembering an old movie? Friday also brought a pound cake flavored with some lovely herbs, and Mr Pudding did some amusing tricks with hand-shadows, a pogo-stick, and two kumquats. Philip the Pun regaled us with stories of his travels through the seedy underground music scene of Seattle.

Ulric missed my birthday party though, the scurvy-head. He said he had to "work" but I suspect treachery. Who knows, though, perhaps he's planning a super-surprise for my birthday. I'll pretend I don't know anything about it.


Yorkshire Pudding said...

You may have discovered one of the kumquats about your person when you awoke from your drunken slumber!

Lady K said...

It was a stone groove, my man...I mean, gorilla!

Yeah, him. said...

Sounds like a really good time... hopefully the hangover wasn't too bad for the gorilla.