Sunday, October 30, 2005

Mirrormask Gorilla

In the film Mirrormask, one of the early scenes has a dancing gorilla wearing a tutu. I could hardly believe my eyes when I saw it. I was about to storm out of the theatre, but my friend Phil (a.k.a. "Blue Pencil Demon") said, "C'mon, Brad, give the film a chance." Despite my ruffled sensibilities, I did, and, well, grumble, grumble it was a good movie. Okay, I admit it. So what of it? Now are you going to see it for yourself?

P.S. Thanks for the popcorn, Phil. I just love popcorn. I hardly ever get any around here unless I go to the movies. My Landlady has forbidden (on pain of eviction) to let anyone cook popcorn in the house. It's all because my Landlord's friends burned popcorn in the microwave on two different occasions.


Nonny said...

I went to the movies this weekend too. Didn't see Mirrormask. Didn't have popcorn either, can't stand how it gets stuck in my teeth.

HitManJ said...

I agree with Nonny. The feeling of a kernel lodged in my teeth is not worth the pleasure of hot butered popcorn melting in my mouth.....most of the time.


galetea said...

I'm not sure what it is about burned microwave popcorn that makes the stench linger for days on end, but it's really quite overpowering! We've stunk ourselves out on more than one occasion.

Lady K said...

I LOVE popcorn, although when it burns it's horrible! We have someone at the office that burns it regularly. We told her she should stick to pretzels or something.

I'll definitely check out the flick!

WV: Rawfi ~ what sushi lovers slip into their dates' drinks. (I know, boo hiss)

Fridaysweb said...

Popcorn is your gorilla-given right, Brad. If it's a problem to cook it at home, what about buying the bags of pre-popped stuff? Wise makes good bagged popcorn, believe it or not. The white cheddar coated is the best. Damn, now I want popcorn, too. Do you have any left over, Brad? Would you share?

*peck* (ppffoottffy! pardon me; furball)

Brad the Gorilla said...

If I had any leftover popcorn, I would share it with you. However, it would be quite stale by now. The precooked popcorn is good in a pinch (or rather, large handfuls). I like the white cheddar kind, but the caramel kind is also good, even though it sticks to my teeth. The Landlord's daughter doesn't eat popcorn (for previously stated reasons), but she does get to eat Pirate Booty. It's quite good, and I often get scolded for pillaging the pantry.