Thursday, November 03, 2005

HNT: Better Late than Never

I'm really stumped as to the appeal of Half-Nekkid Thursday. Oh well, I guess I'll play this once. Hmmm, let's look at some of the guidelines...

"While animals can be included in a "Half-Nekkid Thursday" picture, they are not the focus, therefore cannot be the subject. If an animal is all that keeps your picture "Half-Nekkid" rather than "Full-Nekkid", that's OK."

Okay, so I'm an animal. If you're reading this, you're probably an animal too. I used to have a friend that was a cardboard box, but as far as I know, there are no plants or minerals with whom I converse on a regular basis.

Use some originality with your shots. Facial shots should be limited.

I have an original face. I shall disregard that guideline. Obviously, it does not pertain to me.

"As we get into this, you may find that you want to post more than one picture for "Half-Nekkid Thursday". I would discourage this practice unless absolutely necessary."

This guideline also does not apply to me. I'm finding this game strangely compelling. Bah! I blame Friday's Web.


Fridaysweb said...

Aww, Brad. Thanks for the blame, err, I mean, mention. Sexy toes, Babe. You should show them off more often.

Do gorillas like pecks? *peck*

Nonny said...

Please explain what the cord is by your feet. Are you sick? Is that some sort of tracking device. Inquiring minds want to know.

Brad the Gorilla said...

The cord by my feet is a trailing bit of a Christmas tree light cord. I have Christmas tree lights hung up all around my room. When I took this photo of my foot, I was sitting up on the mini-bar with a bit of the lights trailing behind me. Somehow, the cord must have gotten stuck to my foot.

Friday's Web,
Traditionally, I do not like kisses of any kind, but you may give me a peck, as long as it is a dry one. The Landlord's Daughter used to try to give me wet, sloppy kisses. Ugh! I don't like to get my fur wet.