Tuesday, November 22, 2005


(Click the picture to enlarge the gameboard for printing quality.)

Are you tired of the board games you have played year in and year out? Now, you can play a new version of an old game: Bradopoly! If you have an existing Monopoly set, you may use the items found therein. (If you need more money, you can print out Ameribucks here and Britquid here.) I have left properties and currencies blank so that you may fill in what you desire according to your particular economy. Feel free to inflate your economy.

You may follow the usual rules for Monopoly except for when it differs from Bradopoly. Some examples:

1) Whenever you land on Utility panel ("Brad will fix..." or "Brad will clean...") panels, it means a gorilla will stomp all over your property and sweep your houses and hotels off the board. Hard luck! That's Bradopoly for you.

2) When you land on "Save the Gorillas!" you must donate 5% of your existing funds to the Gorilla Fund. The Gorilla Fund is located under the fruit square.

3) When you land on the "Free Fruit" square, you get the money that's there.

4) You may attempt to rob the bank at any time, but you must not get caught! If you get caught, you go directly to jail and have to donate all of your stolen goods to the Gorilla Fund. If you land on the "Rob the Bank!" panel, everyone has to hide his or her eyes while you rob the bank.

5) If you land on the Banana Tax panel, you must give 25% of your earnings to the Gorilla Fund.

6) Make two cards--one for "Chance" and one for "Community Chest"-- that have Brad Insurance. If you land on a Utility panel, you may use your Brad Insurance card to negate the damage. However, you must surrender that card to the original deck.

If you have any further questions, let me know. I will add addendums to the game as I see fit.


Lady K said...

Can I be the thimble? I always liked the thimble. Count me IN. Win OR lose, I'm all FOR your game, and your kind. I always knew gorillas were smart enough to come up with their own board game...

HitManJ said...

I'm the car.

I was hoping for some altered property names...like "Empire State Building" and "The Mist"

I saw the trailer (why do we still call them that?) for "Kong" last night.

Brad the Gorilla said...

Duly noted!

Yes, LH, you may be the thimble. J, you make a good point. I was going to alter the property names, and then I wondered if that would make things too cluttered. I will think more on this and add names for the special edition. For example, "Empire State Building" will take the place of Park Place, and Bradley Enterprises will take the place of Boardwalk.

abcgirl said...

i'm the shoe!

Fridaysweb said...

Ahh, but I love your game! For several years, my husband and I have been "threatening' to make a Monopoly game for his family - to give as a family gift to the parents, siblings, etc. In a southern drawl, our last name sounds a lot like the word "possum" (sand the o), so we would definately utilize many possum phrases and include lots of roadkill in our board. Of course, one would have to be incredibly secure in their own skin (as we play MEAN) and understand redneckology well to play. Heh.

HitManJ said...

Word Verifier: The Gathering

On now.

Only in the Hideout.

Free turkey for all participants.

Free sweet potato pie for all vegans.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Yorkshire Pudding said...

Like Hitmanj I am surprised your coloured street stops don't have names. This could be a way of developing Bradopoly a stage further. I agree that "Empire State Building" would have to be there, maybe Tarzan Way or Zaire Avenue, Burundi Road or Banana Square. You seem like a creative gorilla. I guess you will be able to come up with a full range of gorilla-related names.

Brad the Gorilla said...

I'm working on the names! For those of you who want to make your own versions, here is the link I found: Mostly Blank Monopoly. My Landlord has suggested that I change the railroads to rainforests.