Monday, September 18, 2006

Rude Gorilla

For some reason, Ulric advised me to execute Google internet searches on "rude gorilla" and "rude orangutan," and compare the results. There were 99 hits for "rude gorilla" and only 2 for "rude orangutan." I'm still struggling to discern what the implacations could possibly be, but in the meantime, I thought you might be interested in viewing some of the results:

1) Rude Gorilla Gram: The perfect announcement for that "ape-man" in your life.

2)Hello, the rude gorilla suavely activated opposite to one moral pill bug.

3)The [online dates] that didn't come to much (except for the rude gorilla), were pretty much because they lived too far away for it to really be realistic to commit to anything regularly.

4)Rude gorilla presses Adams and slams him in return!

5)The Rude Gorilla Theater Company presents this comedy about Dorothy Day , the radical founder of the Catholic Worker movement...

6)Support is from Czech band Rude Gorilla.

7)Dear me, the amused manatee rebelliously cursed across that rude gorilla. Oh my, an aardvark is more unexplainable than the terrible vulture.

The world wide web is a strange, strange place.


Ulric said...

There are two things that go with being a celebrity: fame and infamy. Part of the reason that gorillas get more spotlight than orangutans is the rudeness factor. For some reason, people love to be insulted and outraged by goofy, rude, furry beasts. That's why gorillas are more popular than orangutans. Of course, you have the occasional tightwads like Apple.

Nonny said...

Yes, the internet is frightening. I've googled myself and not come up with that much info. Maybe I'll just change my name to "Rude Gorilla".

Fridaysweb said...

While you can be a tad rude from time to time, I believe it's just your nature and isn't intended as insult. I have to say, though, your ingenius product, Gorilla Glue, is as rude as rude comes. It's one of those annoying products that does exactly what it promises and is worth the money paid. Did I mention how hard it is to type with 3 fingers glued together? Leave it to you to market a product that is genuine. How rude!

Monkey said...

Purple will tell you that orangutans are a very civilized and refined species. Thus the disparity you noticed.

Good to see you my friend.

Brad the Gorilla said...

Friday: There is nothing ruder than truth in advertising.

Nonny: Trust me, it's not worth it. The headache of being internet famous far outweighs the advantages of... having a spendy blog.

I think any orangutan who admits to peeing in the bushes at Disneyland should confess that orangutans have their rude moments!

I'm glad to see you, too, Monkey.

Yorkshire Pudding said...

Still observing your coded ramblings from afar. I should warn you that the CIA are on to you.

Brad the Gorilla said...

Mr Pudding: The CIA has nothing on me.