Sunday, June 04, 2006


Today is my last day in New Jersey! Thank heavens for that. There are some good things about New Jersey, but proper coffee is not one of them. I know it's quite fashionable to throw off on NJ, so here's what is good about New Jersey:

1) No sales tax on clothes (not that I reap any benefits, since I only wear my own fur for the most part)
2) There are a lot of Mid-Eastern restaurants.
3) Rent is slightly cheaper here than in New York.
4) There are a lot of kosher delis.
5) It's easy to hitch a ride to New York City (much easier than Seattle).

There. I have done my bit for the Garden State.

Comments on my blog have been sparce and few as of late. I'm starting to think that no one takes me seriously anymore. Readers, take heed: I am a very, very serious gorilla doing important work through Bradley Enterprises and other such ventures. Anyone who thinks otherwise is going to have to give me footrubs.


Yorkshire Pudding said...

Why the hell do they call NJ the Garden State anyway? Is it because it's nourished with manure? Good points you missed - it's the home state of both Bruce Springsteen and Jon Bon Jovi! Another good point it was home to Walt Whitman for many years... Camden I believe. And having seen the brutish strength of gorillas at the Old Jersey Zoo, I for one take you seriously sir!

HitManJ said...

Funny thing about NJ. If you take 78 into NJ from PA, it is free, but they charge you $0.75 to get out....and yet, folks are LINED UP to pay!

Well, there are actually LOTS of funny things about NJ....but none of them reflect on my cousins who live there.

Brad the Gorilla said...

Mr Pudding, I had also forgotten it was the home of Thomas Edison. There is even a town called "Edison." And as much as Frank Sinatra liked to be from New York City, he was actually from Hoboken, NJ. I'm not saying that Frank was one of the good things about NJ, but there you go. And yes, I believe you do take me seriously, but part of me is wondering if you're just trying to avoid giving me footrubs. Why does no one want to give me footrubs? My toes are remarkably leathery with toenails that are in sore need of trimming. Perfect!

Johnny Clamps, that is indeed one of the funny things about NJ... everyone wants to leave it. Ho ho. And so I shall. The House of Glee is taking the NJ Transit into NYC today. I'm going to have to figure out a way to smuggle myself aboard without being seen.

Nonny said...

Brad, I have been following your misadventures on the East Coast and I'm quite impressed with your resourcefulness. I miss you and the House of Glee!

Lady K said...

Wish there was a way that you could've met up with J, he's Dangerously close to the Jersey!

Glad to see you're having a great time. Get outta there before the dust storm down here turns into the major t-storm it will become once it banks east!