Saturday, June 03, 2006

Brooklyn brunch

This morning, I secretly hitched a ride with the House of Glee and their relatives from New Jersey to Brooklyn. The House of Glee ate breakfast at the Yemen Cafe, and went to Sahadi's afterward. On the way into the city, I saw one of those scary large blue gorillas advertising tires, but the photo I snapped wasn't very good because of the angle where I was hiding. I don't think the family suspected my presence at all, but I did hear the Landlord say, "I must be imagining things, as I think I saw a gorilla in the kitchen."

"It's strange," my Landlady replied. "I thought I detected a bit of gorilla fur in my ful mesdames, but... surely no. Brad is sitting on the hutch, I'm sure of it."

Afterward, the Landlady's father stocked up on stuffed grape leaves and Alfonso olives at Sahadi's across the street. I think Lucia, the Landlord's daughter, may have seen me, because she started saying "Brad! Brad! Brad!" and pointing. However, Lucia has been giving everyone silly names as of late (e.g. she says, "My name is Uncle Kiss-Kiss"), so I think I'm in the clear.

Not that "Brad" is anything but a respectable, dignified name, of course.


Yorkshire Pudding said...

Sounds like you are having quite an adventure on the east coast. Just a word of warning - don't venture too near Brooklyn Zoo or they'll incarcerate you before you can say "banana pudding"! I can see you now, behind bars, mournfully sucking on a mango stone, wishing you'd stayed in Seattle. Take care furry beast!

Brad the Gorilla said...

That's a good warning, Mr Pudding! I have a cousin named Jimmy "Racket" Noodles who is serving time in the Brooklyn Zoo. We all know he was framed, but the antique banana-seller claims otherwise. What a Philistine!