Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Brad the Gorilla Blues

Mr Pudding thinks I'm the cat's pajamas. This is the second song he's written about me:

Oh baby, got them Brad Gorilla blues now
I said "Oh baby got them Brad Gorilla blues!"
And have you read the news gal?
To the bottom of my shoes gal
Got them goddam Brad Gorilla blues
Oh yay!

Woke up in the night gal
Brad Gorilla was a chomping at my door
Said I woke up in the night gal
Twas a terrible formidable sight I saw
Brad Gorilla lying
Like a big fur rug on my floor!
Oh yay!

I added another 2 verses to enhance the song:

Brad said, "My Landlady needs pudding in her bowl,"
He said, "She just needs rice pudding in her bowl,
If she don't get it, nothing will console."

I said, "You woke me up at 2 am,
"You woke me up, now I say 'scram'!"
Brad looked me in the eye,
He said, "Okay, I'll take some pie,
And in a pinch, I'll accept caramel flan."

Does anyone else have a song about me? The best song wins a secret prize, and the runner-up wins another secret prize.

Your Friend,


Tony said...

I know what I got, and I ain't got much
I know what I got, and I ain't got much
I gots no caramel flan, but there's a gorilla on my hutch

Lady K said...

Brad, I grew UP listening to the Blues, and sing them frequently. Billie Holiday is one of my absolute FAVORITE artists.

This song RULES, and I shall do my utmost to write a blues song aboutcha.

Yorkshire Pudding said...

Ho! Ho! Little did you know that I can claim royalties on any of my original song lyrics that are publicised on the web... You have walked into this trap twice and every hit on your blog results in more money for me! So far the bill stands at $1,272! You can send me the money by Western Union or simply pass me your credit card details and I will do the rest! You really are my friend! Ho! Ho!
By the way it was not a FORMIDABLE sight! That's like putting a moustache on the Mona Lisa!

Nonny said...

I think you and pudding make a great team.

I seriously think you should consider releasing that Brad w/guitar sillouette as a T-shirt for Bradley enterprises.

Brad the Gorilla said...

Hi Landlord, you've got a good song there. The only thing is, I'm TOO BIG to fit on the hutch. I am a 452 pound gorilla, you know, or maybe 453 after all those cookies I ate last night.

Lady K, I too love the blues, and am one of those few people who prefer it to jazz. I got my Landlady hooked on Bessie Smith.

Yorkshire Pudding, You deserve every penny of your royalties, old chap. The cheque is in the mail. I'm a big fan of L.H.O.O.Q.,by the way. Look for a blog post in the nearfuture whereby I draw moustaches on the profile pictures of everyone on my blog roll. Ho ho!

Brad the Gorilla said...

Nonny: Thanks! I agree. Tee-shirts will sell like wildfire and finally bring me over the top so I can buy my helicopter.