Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Test Results

The results of the personality test are in:

Ulric is G.R.U.F.
Gluttonous Ruthless Understated Felon

Friday is C.U.T.I.
Creative Understated Tenacious Introspective

Nonny is E.D.G.I.
Energetic Diabolical Giggly Introspective

Yorkshire Pudding is L.U.M.P.
Letcherous Understated Mercenary Psychotic

Lady K is P.R.G-I.
Professional Rigorous Gastronomically-Inclined

Monkey is B.U.R.P.
Bananas Under Ripe Peels

Okay, I admit it: I made up that last one.


Lady K said...

brad ~ ha ha ha!!! I WILL be, come the 30th, that's for sure. I'll keep that in mind when they're serving me green jello, ice chips, and tasteless chicken soup.

Nonny said...

You know us so well, perhaps better than we know ourselves. :)

Monkey said...

I'm a BURP! That is more appropriate than you know.

Brad the Gorilla said...

Lady K: Here's a tip to getting solid food sooner than expected-- ask them what it would take to get on solid food. When they say something like "You have to pass gas," say, "Oh cool, I already did."

Nonny: These personality tests are uncannily accurate!

Monkey:See above.

Yorkshire Pudding said...

Thanks for that! Just what I needed when I was feeling down!
Baboonlike Rancid And Dunderheaded


Learn to spell LECHEROUS - it's easy. Don't they teach you nothing in those romance-infested palatial American high schools?

Brad the Gorilla said...

Mr Pudding: Spelling words correctly is for philistines. Philistines, I tell you! I thought your profile was flattering. You are understated, after all.