Sunday, November 26, 2006

Springtime in Antarctica

Shad the Gorilla has invited the family out to Antarctica for the rest of the summer. I'll try to post from McMurdo Station, but in the meantime, I've got to pack. I'll still receive email notifications with comments, so even though I may be offline a lot, I have not disappeared from the blogosphere. I'll work on answering all of your pressing concerns and questions when I return. Au revoir!


Monkey said...

Good Lord! Summer or no, Antarctica is not the place for a large gorilla. I worry about you.

Ulric said...

I would think that with all that fur, a gorilla would be well-suited for Antarctica. But then again, I'm still not convinced that gorillas aren't carnivorous.

Raplh the Angry but Friendly Gnome said...


It's cold here in Antarctica. This Christmas, you might find a beard in your stocking, after you put your foot in it.

Ralph the angry but friendly gnome said...

Typo- that should be "Ralph" the Angry but Friendly Gnome.

Lady K said...

LOL Hope you have fun over there! Send pictures!

Lady K said...

Dear Brad,

Is my green sauce "green" enough? The pics on my blog sure seem to look more carmalized than it really was. Boy, those enchiladas were good, even though there were no bananas involved.

Just needed a gruff opinion.

Yours truly,
Lady K

Brad the Gorilla said...

Hey ho, everyone. I've just arrived in New Zealand, and expect to head out to McMurdo Station tomorrow. Stay tuned for the weather report from way down under.

Memo to Lady K: The sauce is almost green enough. I recommend more kale and chard for the truly green that green needs.

Memo to Monkey: Well might you be worried. Those penguins are vicious.

Memo to Ulric: I know very well that you are Ralph the Angry But Friendly Gnome. You can't fool me.

Ulric said...

Guilty as charged. If the beard hadn't fallen off, I might have gone undiscovered.