Thursday, April 20, 2006


My niece, Charlotte, has been forcing me to listen to Gorillaz. She is a teenager, and as teenagers are wont, plays her favorite albums repeatedly. I was a bit confused initially, as it appeared that there weren't actually any gorillas in the band. Talk about false advertising! However, my initial disappointment over the lack of species gorilla gorilla gorilla was assuaged when I found out that the band members were not only fictitious but animated as well. Also, the band members are quite rude! Charlotte is penpals with Noodle, the guitarist for the band, and says that, contrary to the press reports, Noodle is fluent in several languages. Sometimes Charlotte and Noodle meet up for shopping trips when they're on the same continent, but mostly, Noodle's touring and recording schedules prohibit having much free time.

Here are some of Charlotte's favorite Gorillaz videos:


Dare (Interview with Noodle has a link to the video at the bottom of the article)

El MaƱana

Feel Good, Inc.


Nonny said...

I love the Gorillaz. That was actually the last CD I bought.

They've got nothin on you Brad. Seeing as their fictitious and your flesh and blood.

Yorkshire Pudding said...

Gorillas should end with an "s", not a "z" or perhaps gorillas should end with a rifle or a bulldozer ripping through the last portion of their jungle habitat. I looked into the animal eyes of the gorillas in Jersey zoo and their demise made me feel as sad and as angry as I always feel when I think of the plight of the Earth's whales. What the hell are we doing? We are meant to be the most intelligent of all this planet's creatures. Our actions suggest otherwise.

Brad the Gorilla said...

Nonny: Thank you for the flesh and blood affirmation. Sometimes, when I see the stuffing coming out of Fred the Gorilla's leg, I get worried.

Mr Pudding: Have you ever read Jurassic Park? The book is quite good. Among other things, it calls into question the survival of the human species based on how humans have treated the earth. It makes me wonder if those trilobytes were too reckless with their environment all those millions of years ago!

Lady K said...

What about the Guano Apes? Their music rocks, although there are no "apes" in the band, let alone the "guano." That would just be gross.