Monday, April 24, 2006

Dance, Monkeys, Dance

I stole a film-strip from the secret collection of El JoPe Magnifico, also known as the King of Infinite Space. I would link his website for you, but he's very shifty and keeps it moving from place to place as if it were a caravan with bells attached. You don't often hear the bells, of course, because El Magnifico stuffs cotton in the clappers when he travels in order to be clandestine and mysterious. In this caravan (moving from the metaphorical into the literal with nary a seam), El Magnifico keeps a stash of rare, valuable, shocking film-strips. They are authentic, as a simultaneously perky and bored-sounding BEEP signals the change of each frame in the progression of the narrative.

The film-strip you are about to see, Dance, Monkeys, Dance, is disturbing and very, very real. Take note that the slang term for simians, "monkeys" (derogatory when used in any context but in reference to actual monkeys) is integral to the filmstrip as a whole.

And now...

Dance, Monkeys, Dance


El JoPe Magnifico said...

Dear Mr. The Gorilla,

The travel tips you describe are time-tested gypsy traditions. Excellent for slipping away from the edge of town in the dark of night, one step ahead of the local authorities.

Your obsequious informant,
Señor Magnifico

Nonny said...

I'm confused. Are we the monkeys? Is there sound? I don't have sound at work. What is the sound? Some classically disturbing images in that reel. I think I'd like to be a gypsy.

Hey, did you hear about those chimps that killed that guy in Sri Lanka I think?

Brad the Gorilla said...

Nonny: There is sound, and it's the narrative that makes the whole thing come together. The gist is that humans don't want to think they're animals, but they are. "Monkeys" is the catch-all term for simians.

I did not hear about the chimps that killed the guy in Sri Lanka. It makes me shudder, I tell you.

Señor Magnifico,
You are quite deft in slipping away from authorities bent upon getting their hands upon your prized stash of filmstrips!

Alkelda the Gleeful said...

Speaking of gypsies, here's a good article from Wikipedia on the Roma people.:)

Yorkshire Pudding said...

I'm not a bloody monkey! Ernest Cline who voiced this pompous video is himself a monkey and you, you Brad the Gorilla, you are a monkey too! You're not an ape, you're a bloody monkey so dance! Dance I say!

Lady K said...


Wow. VERY profound. Can't say I needed that right now, but I will say, "I needed that right now."

I'm with Nonny...I'm all for becoming a gypsy. I have gypsy roots. I just don't want to be a "monkey."

Would it be wrong of me to just want to go live in a cave right now?