Friday, December 21, 2007

Brad is... anything but average

The latest edition of the internet game called Brad is:

We all know that Brad is on Larry King Live tonight at 9 pm (EST).
No one told me! I'll have to buy a new suit.

I really don't get where Brad is coming from here.
What's to get?

Brad is right.
This is true.

Brad is awesome!!

Brad is on his way to winning a Pulitzer Prize.
It must be for my book on Gorilla Etiquette When Dealing With Stuffy-Headed Schoolteachers.

So Brad is doing God's will, after all.
I shudder to think what that might mean.

How do you know what Brad is thinking?
You don't.

Brad is nothing more than an attention seeking, self indulgent home wrecker.
Who spilled the beans?

Brad is worth every penny.
But not the nickles and dimes. O, you fickle, fickle public.

Brad is anything but average.
I am a superior creature.


Yorkshire Pudding said...

Welcome back to Blogworld! Alkelda (Mistress Farida) confided in me that you had been on a course of rejuvenating psychotherapy and I must say I expected you to reinvent yourself - taking on the alter-ego of a different creature - Brad the House Mouse, Brad the Raccoon, Brad the Goldfish or perhaps Brad the Woodlouse. Judging from the contents of this particular post I would say that you need a good number of extra sessions with your psychotherapist!

Lady K said...

Brad needs to post more often...


Brad the Gorilla said...

Mr Pudding and Lady K: I think you two are the only ones who even check my blog anymore. As far as taking on a different alter-ego, perhaps Mr Pudding could take a bit of his own advice. Perhaps Blancmange or Spotted Dick would be appropriate.

Lady K said...

Brad ~ I just wanted to wish you happy holidays! I tried my hand with some Polish banana kolaczkis, but the bananas caught on fire because of all the liquor. Any recommendations? I had to start over and just use walnuts. Dang.

Lady K said...


I have it on very good authority that you're not in a good state of mind? Okay...I'm thinking ENOUGH with the eggnog. I can't EVEN believe you didn't share with me.

What is UP with you? Don't MAKE me go all crazy-monkey on your gruff ass.