Saturday, February 17, 2007

Brad is... Back

Behold the latest installment of Brad is...:

Brad is being so protective.

When chocolate and bananas are involved, of course I'm protective. If your brand-new sportscar is involved, then I'm a bit more lackadasical.

Brad Is Dead –

No, I'm not.

Brad is well-known to regulars in the skinning and customization community.

This piece gives me the SHIVERS.

What B.R.A.D. Is Doing!

Bringing Ripe Aardvarks Doughnuts

Brad is much smarter than Weitzman and he did see this sixteen years ago.

Weitzman is Yorkshire Pudding's real name.

Brad is why I believe in weblogs

Aw, shucks.

Either Brad is VERY desperate or he has gone completely bonkers

Bonkers. Definitely bonkers.

Brad is a gentleman

No, I'm not. I'm a gorilla.

Brad is supported by the best cheering section in the world

Note sidebar.

Brad is coming in a newsstand near you, once the Art Issue of 'Vanity Fair' comes out.

You won't want to miss it. I bare my hairy chest for the whole world to admire.

Someone wrote Brad is a character actor stuck in a leading man's body.


Brad is AFK because he plays games too much

I've been AFK because I've been uninspired. Also, Ulric now has a girlfriend and we don't get to hang out as much as we used to.


Ulric said...

Brad - I have some errands to do, but I need someone to watch the Delicate Investment Machine for me and not press any buttons. Can you sit there and make sure that nothing happens while I run across the street to buy a few groceries?

Lady K said...

I am a proud member of the Brad cheering section. I even have the "brad" Christmas ornament on my wall. I will post a pic as proof, my furry friend. Give me light, and it will happen. You've been MIA, but not forgotten! Let Ulric get his own groceries. Just don't let him go hungry...

Lady K said...

I need chocolate and bananas. Stat.

The Riddlemaester said...

Challenge of the day:
What is better than a gorilla?

Brad the Gorilla said...

The only thing better than a gorilla is a...

wait a minute. There's nothing better than a gorilla. Nice one, Riddlemaester. You with your trick questions!

The Riddlemaester said...

Brad, I'm disappointed with you.

Folks, what is better than a gorilla is......

Two gorillas! I'm sure YP would agree.

Monkey said...

I missed Gorilla Suit day dammit.

I love you Brad. Unashamedly.

Yorkshire Pudding said...

YP Would not agree Miss or Mr Riddlemaster! The only thing better than a gorilla is a gorillaburger!
Speaking of Brag The Dorilla, where the hell is the beast? It is a month since this hairy blogger posted! Come on Blab, don't be scared! Give us another blog piece! Your adoring fans in the UK are becoming concerned.