Thursday, May 04, 2006

Random Bits

Things have been quiet since Hitman J moved to Pennsylvania. It's hard to be inspired when there's no weekly Word Verifier: the Gathering to spur me on. Lo, but I will try to rally.

1) In June, the House of Glee is going to New York City. They're not taking me. They want to take me along and photograph me standing on the Empire State Building, but Ulric said I couldn't go. Confound and blast that Ulric! I have never been to New York. Never. A further indignity... remember the cross-country car trip Ulric took from the East Coast to Seattle? Remember how I said I went along for the trip? The truth is, I didn't go. Ulric said I couldn't go. It's fine for me to help him skydive, but not to have actual fun on a road-trip. Humbug. Ulric's mother had to send me in the luggage compartment of an airplane because I was too big to sit in coach, and first class was too expensive. (This is why I NEED a helicopter. Keep buying those tee-shirts! At this point, I've almost got enough for the propeller.)

2) Finally, I've seen some real gorillas (albeit scary, skeletal gorillas) in the band Gorillaz, via the Clint Eastwood video. Like the other Gorillaz songs I've grown to appreciate, this one got under my skin in a strange way. For the longest time (5 minutes), I couldn't decide whether I was irritated or pleased. I finally went with the latter option. I've got these lyrics stuck in my head:

I ain't happy, I'm feeling glad
I got sunshine, in a bag
I'm useless,but not for long
The future is coming on

3) The Landlord's daughter is turning 3 years old next Wednesday, and I still haven't figured out what I'm giving her for a present. She's started turning up her nose at bananas. I wanted to take her sky-diving, but my Landlord and Landlady said NO.

What a drag.

4) Anansi Boys is one of the most entertaining books I've read in a long time. I haven't enjoyed a book that much since The Adrian Mole Diaries and Chicken Pies for the Soul (both classics in their own right, especially if you define "classic" in the broadest sense possible).

5) Mr Pudding owes me 3 bottles of Henderson's Relish and a packet of Hob Nobs. I beat him in croquet, but he refuses to own up. Not only did Mr Pudding play croquet, he liked it. He wasn't even tipsy!

6) In her latest blog post, Nonny points out that the reason Generation X has a sense of entitlement is because they weren't expected to learn how to use a real yo-yo. I think she's onto something. In my high school, you couldn't graduate unless you could perform the Dr. Strange or translate the Gorilla Gorilla Gorilla Manifesto from Latin to English. High school was rough!


Nonny said...

If it makes you feel any better I've never been to NYC either buddy. Perhaps we should plan our own trip. I'd be proud to walk the streets of Manhattan with you. Your really enjoying the Gorillaz eh? I guess I could have mentioned them to you sooner as I've been a fan for several years.

I can't believe Pudding is trying to welch on your bet. Does he not see he's giving Brits a bad rep.

rawbean said...

As a character, you remind me a bit of Stewie, the baby on Family Guy, highly intelligent but also misunderstood and in need of a helicopter.

If the House of Glee isn't taking you with them, doesn't that mean you have the place to yourself while your gone? Think of the possibilities!

Lady K said...

I was in New York ONCE, as a child, but only to go to Niagra Falls. I STILL remember it, and would go again in a heartbeat.

HUGE crowds terrify me, so I don't know about going into the City proper. Then again, I'd LOVE to see the Empire State Building and Times Square. Think I could get the Governor to clear the city for me for just a few hours?

Brad the Gorilla said...

Nonny: I should have guessed you were a Gorillaz fan from the start. I first heard and saw "Tomorrow Comes Today" in 2002, and thought they were okay, but didn't know what the big fuss was all about. Then Charlotte came to the States and started blaring them at all hours. Their music is quite catchy. I'm not much of a hip-hop fan as a genre (I'm not anti-hip-hop, but I like specific songs more than whole groups), but the Gorillaz are O.K.!

Yes, I will rampage through the House of Glee while the humans are gone. Ho ho. Won't they be sorry.

I don't know Family Guy, by the way. Is it a good show? Stewie does sound like me except for the baby bit, as I am 40-something and very hairy.

Lady K: If the governor doesn't do it for you, then I will clear the city for you. I can be quite gassy at times.

Yorkshire Pudding said...

Any reference to me within your apish blog must be approved by my legal representatives... Now I'm going to leave you with an INFLAMMATORY comment.... "To barbecue a large ape you need a hell of a lot of charcoal"!