Thursday, July 13, 2006

Train-Themed Festival

The Deadbeat Crawdads are going to be playing at a train-themed festival these next too weekends. We're going to open for Nancy Stewart. (I'm not sure yet whether or not Nancy knows this.) There was some concern that our music would not be child-friendly, but I say, what's un-child-friendly about throwing banana-cream-pies into the audience?

Our song line-up includes the following train-themed songs:

1) Midnight Special
2) Folsom Prison Blues
3) Train Kept a' Rollin'
4) Rock Island Line
5) All Aboard the Potty Train

There's at least one child-friendly song in that line-up. I just know it.


Yorkshire Pudding said...

Surely Nancy Stewart should be opening for you and your backing group the Crawbeat Deaddads. Perhaps you could duet with Nancy on "Thank You Daddy". This is such a cool song with subtle lyrics - a bit like Pink Floyd on acid!

Nonny said...

Where have you been? One post a week is hardly enough to keep the Brad cravings at bay.

Love your choice of songs. When's the CD coming out?

Brad the Gorilla said...

Hey Nonny! I've run out of things to say for awhile, and rather than archive the blog, I decided to take the opportunity to reunite with the Deadbeat Crawdads and go on tour. I'm really busy with gigs right now, but I do stop in to check up on other people's blogs and post something on occasion. Maybe Deadbeat Crawdads will play in your town?

Mr PuddingRumor has it that Ms Stewart has gotten wind of the gig, and is not too happy about the potential of being upstaged by a 454 lb gorilla (yes, I've gained a couple of pounds).

Lady K said...

That sounds like a lot of fun! Wish I could be there to see it!

Break a leg!

HitManJ said...

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I'm back, Bitch!
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